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Integrative Healing Arts is dedicated to excellence in energy healing, education and integrated wellness care.  It exists to foster healing and wellness in the people and community served, and to promote the highest ethical and educational standards in the field of energy medicine.

Integrative Healing leads to empowerment and healing happens!

You get to see yourself as the great and powerful Spiritual Being that you are as you discover your soul’s true longing and purpose.  Integrative Healing helps you discover the emotional and spiritual aspects of illness and heal these issues on a soul level across time as you come into partnership with your spiritual helpers and guides.  You gain self-awareness, and begin to attract people and experiences into your life that lead to greater joy, health, and abundance.  Your "life force" is revitalized.  You become empowered to let go of emotions and relationships that no longer serve you and to fully embrace the aspects of life that support and nourish you. 

  • Healing Touch
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Cross-Cultural Shamanism
  • Counseling
  • Aromatherapy

Choose a specific therapy based on your needs and goals, or a combination of modalities your therapist determines to be most beneficial for your needs.  Sessions are scheduled in 2 hour increments and cost $75.00.   Many sessions are insurance supported and a treatment voucher suitable for insurance billing is always provided.  The client is always held in the most sacred and safe confidence with the intention of the highest healing possible.    

Nothing changes until you do

Sharon Fletcher RN, CHTP/I, CHT, RC
Practitioner, Counselor, & Instructor


Experience    *   Knowledge   *   Integrity    *    Compassion    *   Support

Integrative Healing Arts
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